Friday, 23 August 2013

Baker's Toolkit (or not)

Perhaps a grateful nation should offer up a prayer of thanks to Luisa Zissman (who she?) for putting us right about apostrophes. This A-grader in A-level English has decided to drop the apostrophe in her company name because, you know, she says, obviously, URLs don't allow it. Perhaps they should. 

Brilliant, obviously, you know, she says, at creating multi-million pound businesses, she does admit to knowing what an adjective is but has problems with verbs and proverbs. Yes, well, we all do, don't we, chickens?

In the sure and certain knowledge that she won't accept, being busy creating multi-million businesses as she is, I'd like to offer her a free place on the next Proofamatics workshop on Friday 4 October at Capita Learning & Development. During the day, she'll revise all she ever should have learnt about grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalisation, as well as learning a simple method of proofreading.

Far more than a baker's dozen of exercises, it's sort of, like, you know, a writer's toolkit.

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